The uridan®-technology


Zero odour + Zero chemicals = perfect hygiene.

The centrepiece of the uridan® urinals is the patented uridan® odour trap: This odour trap works with the aid of urilock®, a special blocking fluid. urilock® consists of plant-based substances and is biodegradable. Due to the fact that it is lighter than urine, the heavier urine automatically flows directly down the drain. The lighter urilock® stays on the surface and works like a liquid lid that blocks out all drain and sewage odours.

The waterless uridan® urinals are more hygienic than conventional flushing systems. The moist environment in conventional flushing systems actually encourages the development of bacteria and fungi on the surfaces.

In addition to protecting the environment, uridan® urinals also protect your bank account. Just one uridan® urinal saves up to 200,000 litres of water per year, which in turn saves you money.

Arguments for uridan®:

  • 100% odour-free guarantee!
  • No nets, odour-pieces and dispenser!
  • No electronic, therefore no defects!
  • No fresh water pipe installation!
  • No installation of electricity!
  • No membrane technology with uridan®!
  • No special construction elements with uridan®!
  • No rubber seals, therefore no defects!
  • No urine deposits, as there is no water!
  • No blockages!