Those who love life must conserve water.

Water is the source of all life. It is indeed an elementary force. It covers vast parts of the globe, which is why Earth is such a breathtakingly beautiful “blue planet”. Water, however, is primarily a valuable resource that we have to use very economically. Only 0.3 % of the entire world’s water resources are pure drinking water, which is essential for the continuing life and survival of the human race. The world’s drinking water resources are already becoming noticeably scarcer. Each drop is precious. Too precious to be simply flushed away in urinals. That was also the opinion of John Reese, which is why he developed the waterless uridan® urinal in the year 1998.

As opposed to a conventional urinal, a uridan® urinal works without water and, thus, saves around 200,000 litres of precious drinking water annually. This ensures that the “raw material of life” is conserved for more important things. For the future of our children and our children’s children. And, of course, for pure pleasure.