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The first time I saw a waterless urinal was 1998 and was very enthusiastic about the idea of conserving the worlds precious water resource rather than flushing it for urinals. Those early days made me aware of the enormous waste of this resource - not only in Europe but worldwide.

After studying all existing systems, I developed, together with one of my most experienced technicians, the first odorless urinal-system using a simple but ingenious method within our new technology that stops the requirement of water by 100%.

Needing to create a unique and unmatched product I contacted the chief designer Troels Bøgely, who realised the innovation of my idea and designed some unique solutions very quickly for me.

Autumn 1998, I registered patents on our current odorless-traps and very soon after in April 1999 Uridan® presented its new product at our first sanitary exhibition.

Since then we have created several types of urinals with different designs to match all the needs of our customers. The latest development was a water-free urinal for female users, styled by a young ambitioned designer named Yu Bobek which is proving successful

Uridans® waterless urinals have achieved success with awards for design and export in Germany, Australia and Japan.

Today Uridan a/s is represented in over 35 countries of the world by independent agents and importers. Our waterless urinal system is a product of the future with unsurpassed unique design and functionality – proving this product saves our most precious resource “water” in the flushing of urinals